Leif Allen Holt was born in Ventura, California.  He is of  Norwegian, Swedish and Danish decent.   At the age of 3 he moved with his family to Seattle, WA where he would spend the rest of his childhood.

But as a young adult, Leif, moved back to California, this time staying in Hollywood to pursue an acting career.

Since then Leif has been in dozens of films, TV shows and commercials including “In Enemy Hands” with William H. Macy, General Hospital, and Days of our Lives.

Leif’s experience on set quickly translated when he begun his writing and producing career.  His first feature, which he wrote, produced and starred in, was “Lizzie”.  Cast members included Gary Busey, Corbin Bernsen, Don Swayze and Shawna Waldron.

The film was so successful that a deal was made for the UK territory prior to its release date and has been spreading like wild fire ever since.

“The Anniversary of Shallow Creek” was his next feature film which did equally as well.

With these 2 features, along with countless other shorts, trailers and web series under his belt, Leif now has his next 3 features in various stages of production and is avidly working to get them to the screen.

He appreciates all the support of his fans, friends and family which without, none of his success would have been possible.

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