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Lizzie (Gary Busey)LeadDark Morgue Pictures
*Lost Everything LeadHanu Group
Rocker (Danielle Nicolet)Guest StarLP3 Pictures
In Enemy Hands (William H. Macy) Guest StarLions Gate
The Still Life (Rachel Minor)Guest StarLions Gate
You Should Meet My SonGuest StarWaltzing Penguin
**A Standard Story (Beth Riesgraf) Guest StarWESC
Days Of Our Lives Co-StarNBC
General Hospital Co-StarABC
Your Place or MineSeries Regular TLC
Off the Grid Series RegularDark Morgue Pictures
Untold Stories of the E.R.RecurringGRB Entertainment
Wicked Wicked GamesRecurringStu Segal Productions
Girls Behaving BadlyRecurringCarlton Television
Aftermath with William ShatnerRecurringA&E TV Network
Tough LoveRecurringVH1
Desire Guest StarStu Segal Productions
Short List LA Guest StarTravel Channel
BaggageGuest StarGSN
Lizzie Screenplay/Producer
Dr. Gacy Screenplay/Producer
Howard's JourneyScreenplay/Producer
The Anniversary of Shallow CreekCo-Producer/UPM
Q-Secret AgentProducer/UPM
Final ConfessionsAssociate Producer
Off the GridProducer

*Won “Audience Award” at Ft. Lauderdale International Film Festival
-3rd Place “Best Feature Film” at Cleveland Indie Gathering

** Won “Best of Show” and “Award of Excellence” for Best Shorts

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